Preview – Wells, brazilian side-scrolling steampunk

Conceived by Tower Up Studios, brazilian developer from Belo Horizonte, Wells is a 2.5D steampunk shooter full of personality that promises a creative level design, enemy hordes and gigantic bosses. The game follows the story of George Wells, a notorious smuggler who gets betrayed by the very people who hired him, and he won’t let it die.


Wells has a vast and varied arsenal, as each gun is completely different from the other, and are needed to beat certain puzzles from some stages. There’s infinite ammo, however each gun has a limited number of consecutives shots before needing to cool down. The in-game physics is mainly presented by the guns, since different types of shots ricochet or bounce off surfaces in a unique way, and of course that this is part of the puzzle solving mechanics, and even some boss battles.

Just like every classic 90s side-scrolling, there are also vehicle stages, and Wells drives a steampowered motorcycle and blows up everything in his way.

Wells will be released for Xbox One and PC, and it will be playable at Brasil Game Show 2016.


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