Preview – Meet the frantic brazilian multiplayer Holodrive

Unreal Tournament in 2D, with power-ups. How can that go wrong? Created by BitCake Studio, a develope from Rio de Janeiro, this game is a frantic multiplayer experience. After a simple but great tutorial, we get in insane matches of utter and complete chaos. In Holodrive, We have a Dummy, which has an arsenal not that different from classic PC shooters, a jetpack e various customization possibilities. The game’s physics, particularly the way it handles the jetpack, is admirable, making it extremely comfortable to play.


A lovely 2.5D environment and a creative level design focused on vertical combat turn make this game so fun you’ll easily lose track of time while playing it. With basically no delay in response or to find other players, the matches are fast and direct, and as it happens with most addictive things, one does not simply play only one match. It’s easy to make friends here, and it’s even more fun when you have a party of your own to play with.

BitCake intends to launch the full game by the end of this year. It will be a free-to-play title, and that’s why it has microtransactions to buy in-game items, considering there’s an even better way of earning the game currency: by playing. Holodrive is current on Steam Early Access available for USD 9.99. By purchasing this version, you earn two keys, so you can play with a friend, and it gives you access to exclusive items. There is also a waitlist that you can sign up to in order to gain free access to the game, and you can do that here.

Along with many others, Holodrive will be available at Brasil Game Show 2016.

Renato Dias