Preview – Brazilian action RPG Dino Lost brings fun to all ages

Supernova Game Studio, brazilian developer from São Caetano do Sul, is creating Dino Lost, an Action RPG situated in pre-historic times. Intended as a game for all ages, the game é completely in 3D, with large maps based on 5 different biomes, predators waiting to ambush you, such as other dinosaurs, carnivorous plants and giant insects.


You’ll need to kill the enemies and explore the environment to find food, thus gaining access to the next level. The maps are enormous and it’ll be easy to get lost among the corridors if you don’t pay attention to where you’re going. Being an RPG, there’ll be levels and you gain EXP by killing the enemies. There’ll also be some power-ups, such as a sort of pepper, which will make you faster for a short period of time.


This game will be very important for the brazilian game industry, because despite being an independent game, it’ll have a elaborated 3D world, with lots of gameplay possibilities, and it might influence other developer to do the same.

Dino Lost will be released in September, at Brasil Game Show 2016, available for PC and Xbox One.

Renato Dias